SASLANES cargo and logistics is an existing, growing and prosperous freight forwarding company in Indonesia supported by dynamic, skilled and honest prosperous human resources, making SASLANES cargo and logistics company that prioritizes customer satisfaction. [indonesia] ME

About saslanes

Our daily observation while still working in transportation industry, brought us to realize that the number of migration to the Eastern part Indonesia is actually increasing. It was shown by how the number of flights are growing in each yearand seats from mutiple airlines are now fully occupied on a daily basis since the year 2006. Those facts make us realize that the migration wave will have a multiplier effect on the goods that is supplied to the cities on various islands in East Indonesia. While the demand of delivering goods increase, there is still only few of reliable and efficient service provided.

Based on the experience above, SASLANES Cargo & Logistic was born. In SASLANES Cargo & Logistics, we keep learning and evolving to perfect the process of delivering goods to all area in Indonesia, especially the Eastern area.

We try to save the untold time by establishing networks with our partner carriers, from air freighters and trucking companies, to rail freighters and ocean liner, in order to negotiate the most efficient schedule plan and the best possible price to deliver those goods with the most reliable service.

SASLANES aims to give our best service to either individual clients or company based client to build better and brighter East Indonesia. SASLANES Cargo & Logistic is focusing on giving our best service in shipping and forwarding the goods to Java and East Indonesia area. With the spirit of honesty and having customer satisfactory based on our prompt service and fair price will always be the objective of SASLANES.


Cargo Retail

Delivery of goods with the quantity of cigarette goods from 1 container or 1 truck with minimum weight 30 kg. This service we provide with 3 alternative transportation, as follows:

  • Air Cargo (Air Freight) Shipping cargo with air mode to various cities in Indonesia.
  • Freight Trucking Cargo shipments by land transport to areas on the island of Java and Bali.
  • Sea Cargo (Cargo Shipping) Delivery service with the aim of reaching the islands using the fleet of ships.

Moving Service

Services move household goods, offices, and factories from a laim place in the same city or in a different city.

Cargo Shipment Project

  • Full Trucking Loaded (FTL) Delivery service using 1 truck to the desired destination.
  • Full Container Loaded (FCL) Delivery service with 20′ and 40′ container requirements for various destinations in Indonesia.

Heavy Cargo Project

Heavy equipment delivery services such as production machines, generators, excavators, etc. That require special handling for destinations in the region in Indonesia

Vehicles Shipment

Service delivery of vehicles both motorcycles and cars according to customer needs.


East Indonesia


Central Indonesia


West Indonesia





Leonardus Adrian

Leonardus Adrian started his career as District Manager for two Indonesian domestic airlines, Batavia Air and Sriwijaya air, for East Indonesia region starting from 2006 to 2015. During the period he oversaw then deep dive his knowledge and experience in the passenger transportation and cargo field. Some regions and country that had been his career post are Mataram, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Berau, Sorong, Bali, Timika and Dili – Timor Leste. Throughout those nine years, not only supervising those work but he also had the opportunity to sharpen the sense and intuition on this field, which eventually evoke the initiative to build a more fair-price cargo extension plan, more convenient in terms of security aspect and committed to Indonesia’s economic resilience through creation of new employment field.


To be one of the best cargo company in Indonesia which having values on honesty , integrity and whole hearted service.


Deliver all your goods safely and timely with smile on both of our faces.

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